Lodge St. John No. 187, Carluke.


SYLLABUS     2018                  March to June



Thursday                   1st         1st /EA  LOB Cand: Fraser Stewart CANCELLED

Friday                         2nd       Annual Ball   Band ‘7.30 until 1am. POSTPONED

Tuesday                      6th        S & G  

Thursday                   15th      1st /EA LOB  Cand: Ben Adams

Saturday                    31st       Social     ‘Bonnie McCallum’ 7.30pm -12 mid.




Thursday                    5th      Lodge Hozier No 912 D’ Water, 1st EA cand: Fraser Stewart

Tuesday                      10th      S & G  

Wednesday                4th     Visit to Thistle No 270 West Calder  2nd / FC (Emul)

Thursday                   19th      Lodge Thistle 270  FC/ 2nd cand: Ben Adams

Saturday                    28th        Social ‘ Johnny Weir’ 7.30pm – 12 mid.  




Thursday                   3rd        2nd /FC Degree by LOB Cand: Fraser Stewart

Friday                         4th         PGL Installation of Office Bearers, 7pm, Carluke.

Monday                      7th        Visit to Old St John 21   2nd / FC (Emul)

Tuesday                      8th        S & G 

Friday           11th Senior Members & Widows Dinner, Band ‘Ronnie Dunn’ 5.30 for 6pm

Tuesday                     15th        187 Prize Bingo 7.30pm.

Thursday                   17th       TBA   3rd MM Degree LOB- Cand: Ben Adams

Saturday                    26th         Social ‘Dougie & Peter Duo’ 7.30pm – 12 mid



Friday (Special)         8th         Visit by DGL of Barbados 3rd MM Degree by LOB

                                                  Cand: Fraser Stewart



Recess: S & G Meetings: Tuesday: 5th June,  3rd  July and 7th  August.



                      Alexander Brown PM  Ass.  Secretary.        Syllabus as @ 5.03.2018 




                                    All correspondence should be addressed to the Secretary



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